2020 - 2023

Urban Poke


In a market where “Hawaiian” or “beachy” concepts abound, Urban Poke found the opportunity to explore a different approach.

The challenge

Develop a brand strategy and visual identity that reflects the urban concept, representing the diversity of cultures, ideas and lifestyles found in large cities, with the aim of differentiating and moving away from what is established in the category.

What we did

Starting from research, we developed the brand strategy, which seeks to satisfy a contemporary rhythm of life, creating a space full of life, good vibes and opportunity to charge energy without losing the rhythm of urban life.

Once the strategy is defined, we develop the concept of “Urban Geometry”, which includes the essence of the city, its streets, textures and verticality; starting from the concept we generate the entire visual identity, which is summarized in the brand manual and subsequently the development of the creative strategy, which lands the identity of the brand in digital media.

Today, the mixture of urbanism and gastronomy combine perfectly to create a vibrant experience adapted to the rhythm of people's lives.

The brand is urban, easy to understand like a map. The icon is a deconstructed fish in the shape of a bowl, representing the geometry of cities, and joins a typography in capitals with Asian features, which conveys modernity and dynamism.

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