I alter a footnote to all those details in which you find your identity, your own interpretation of life, 
your happiness.

The challenge

Develop an e-commerce from scratch in a sector with a lot of competition. A brand that stands out visually, that has a powerful message and differentiates itself in the market, not only for its products, but for what it has to say.

What we did

The first thing was to develop a brand strategy in which we defined the reason for Alterisco, the values and attributes that would position the brand in the market. Then we developed a branding that reflected the challenging personality of the brand but in turn with an aesthetic with which our users felt identified.

With that defined, we designed a website and packaging for which we focused on the small details that would give the customer a different 
and memorable experience.

With the brand created, we worked on a launch campaign that made noise, that told our mission and made us known. “We want to be the brand that invites you and be the example of real women who let themselves be carried away by nothing more than what they wanted to do.”

Launch Campaign

Do whatever you want!

For the launch of the brand we created a manifesto in which we express what Alterisco means under totally organic images recorded by the users themselves in their moments. We created a video under the claim: “Do what you want. Who the fuck cares. ”

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Web Design

There is always more than the eye can see

For the design of the website, we do not stay on the surface. We paid attention to details so that the user had a comfortable, easy shopping experience, but above all with a design that perfectly communicated the identity of the brand.

The challenge was to turn around the typical Shopify templates to create a personalized website that differed from the e-commerce of the sector.

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