2021 - 2022



A launch and brand strategy that goes beyond selling a new concept. Area became that friend who accompanies and invites women to enhance their authentic beauty.

The challenge

Change brand perception and work together on a re-release.

Before Area, it was “Spa Nails.” This name linked the brand only with nail services and limited them to enhance the other services they offered. Area needed to reposition its social strategy and give strength to its branding. By the time we got to the customer there was no strategy or consistency in their communication.

What we did

We created a strategy to launch the new brand concept that would allow us to position Área as a brand that enhances the authentic beauty of its customers beyond being just a beauty center.

Thus, we define the territories of the brand and the types of publication to ensure that we add value to each content.

We had in our hands the management of the account and the creation of content, having as a pillar and guide the strategy created. We maintained a close relationship with influencers, we made paid campaigns to attract a new audience and through valuable content, we kept those users who became ambassadors and brand lovers.

And finally, we train and accompany the client, giving them the necessary tools so that internally they could take charge of the management of their social networks.

The brand has had 3,905,448 impacts on target audiences.

Growth rate

+ 150%

Increase of 149.68% its community using actions and specific campaigns to boost the growth of the brand.


+ 659%

We achieved a 659.13% increase in interactions with the brand and +6.5 points of increase in engagement.

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