The moments of glory range from the smallest things to receiving the best news of your life. Santagloria celebrates it with its customers in every product, and we celebrate it with them in every goal achieved.

The challenge

Santagloria was perceived as a chain of coffee shops. The user did not know their purpose, their value, the tone of the brand, the quality of their products. How do we get a brand to add value without losing its essence?

What we did

We changed the content strategy and the digital brand strategy. We designed new types of content that align with the values of the brand and that seek to generate positive impact in the community.

We turned commercial content into valuable content to connect with our community in different moments of consumption, making it look and feel like a close and human brand, which led to create spaces of care and enjoy authentic moments in each of its premises. Moments that make you feel #EnLaGloria.


‘s new personality in social networks showed that the brand is able to connect with its target emotionally and not just transactional.

The brand has had 22,514,728 impacts on target audiences.


+ 170%

169.61% increase in community on Instagram


+ 211%

211.11% increase in interactions with the brand. Brand engagement increased by 2 points.

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“Thanks to Brandcrops, we managed to make the Santagloria brand evolve exponentially. Taking care of the brand image in detail and increasing awareness and reach, adding value to our community in the generation of quality content.”

marketing manager

Juan Pablo Díaz del Río

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