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Selling ice cream from ice cream becomes a challenge when you have to turn a lick and an Instagram into the best experience through their ice cream parlors. Shall we take the challenge? Yes!

The challenge

Increase social media visibility, community, engagement and traffic 
to Häagen-Dazs Shops. Yes, Häagen-Dazs has ice cream shops.

What we did

We created a social media strategy focused on creating brand awareness. We propose a creative and content strategy aligned with its brand strategy, where we find opportunities for differentiation that we take advantage of to promote the recognition of its premises in different parts of the country.

The brand has managed to link all its communications to highly successful campaigns

Growth rate

+ 157%

In more than a year of work, the community has grown by 157.98% to more than 4,500 new followers.

Engagement rate

+ 472%

472.36% increase in brand interactions and 4.58 points increase in brand engagement.



Welcome to Winter-Dazs! For the second year in a row we are working on the campaign celebrating the arrival of winter in the shops of Häagen-Dazs.

The goal was to drive traffic by creating exclusive content to deliver indulgent and welcoming moments that elevate the joy of the winter season. We work on the creative conceptualization, production of the campaign, content development and guidelines for its application in European accounts.

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Women who don't stop

We celebrate International Women’s Day with a campaign that, through real stories and a first-person phrase, allowed us to inspire all women to be part of a community that does not stop, that fights for their dreams and that tells its own story.

We selected four profiles of strong, smart, creative and motivated women to create small changes that enrich the environment and the people who live in it.

A campaign to increase awareness and claim of the brand, through the storytelling of real stories.


+97 K

A total of 97,655 accounts have been reached with our content.


+222 K

This content has had 222,656 impressions during the campaign time.

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“Working with Brandcrops is inspiring, fun 
and didactic. Working with them leaves me calm, I am sure that my brand is in the best hands. They 
are not a supplier, they are just another member of my team. ”

Marketing Manager

Valentina Martínez Ferro

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